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Welcome to the most securest side of the Internet ! Your bank details are kept safe and with the "buyer 's protection in trouble", you will get your money back. And most importantly, you can pay with just a few clicks .

Shopping on the Internet? But only with PayPal - your safety net. The free Buyer Protection It catches namely , if an item has not been sent or has very different matters , as described .

The PayPal Security goes further: enter your data only once , upon registration. From then on they stay safe on every purchase in one place - at PayPal. The seller does not get to see .

Besides security it works with PayPal chop chop : a few clicks and the shopping is on its way to you .

If only everything were that simple : With your e-mail address and a password you can start immediately.

PayPal is all over the Internet at home - across all national boundaries. You can also pay in other currencies worldwide used safely.


Amazon Payment

With Amazon Payments, you can shop from now quickly and safely with the stored payment and shipping information in your Amazon account .

Your payment information will remain at Amazon for maximum data protection. It's that simple!


Credit Card

If paying by credit card, the amount is reserved on your card and debited on shipment of the goods when placing your order. For the payment you will need your card number, expiry date and where applicable the printed name and card verification.

The Card Security Code is a safety feature especially used by the credit card companies, is guaranteed by the query / command that the credit card physically present when ordering.

For VISA and MasterCard / Euro Card, you will find the 3-digit security code on the back of your card printed.

On American Express cards you will find the 4-digit security code on the front mapped slightly offset.


Cash on delivery

If paying by cash, the invoice amount is drawn (in) until delivery of the consignment by the / DHL driver .
- on request for your country


+ € 3,60 Nachnahmegebühr

+ € 2,00 werden vom DHL Fahrer/in als gesonderte Zustellgebühr bei Zustellung eingezogen.